COVID-19: How to Mail and Ship from Remote Locations

  • January 20, 2021

UPDATED January 4, 2021

When possible send email, do not use hard copy mail. If hard copy is required, then there are several options for essential mailings from offsite locations.

  • UPS iShip: There are two versions of iShip - Purchasing and MDDS. Once you log on to one of the versions, you will always be directed to the same site (regardless of which URL you use in the future). If you would like to change sites, then contact MDDS for assistance at [email protected].

    • Purchasing UPS iShip site. Prerequisites include having an OASIS Logon ID and APSHP function in DACSS (DSA controlled access). An employee with prerequisites met can use this site with single sign-on verification. Payment is made by FAU. There are no invoices, no need for your own account number, and no surcharge as billing is automatically processed electronically through Accounts Payable (charges will appear on your ledger). With very low UC contract rates, items may be dropped off at any UPS Store (open as an essential service) or, for a fee, residential pickup may be available from UPS (limited during COVID-19). Supplies (boxes) can be ordered from UPS for free and delivered to your remote location (also in stock and available at any UPS store).

    • MDDS UPS iShip site. This site is similar to the Purchasing site, except all employees have immediate access through single sign-on verification (no DACSS assignment by your DSA is needed). Payment is made by recharge ID. There are no invoices and no need for your own account number (charges will hit your ledger at the end of the month, once received by MDDS and processed). There is a 15% surcharge on the very low UC contract rates (as MDDS handles all billing). Follow the instructions on the MDDS iShip Start Guide (PDF).

  • FedEx: Available on Purchasing’s BruinBuy site, your department preparer will already have access. Order on BruinBuy, print a label from your desktop, call FedEx for pickup (charge) or drop off at a FedEx location (open as an essential service). Charges will automatically appear on your ledger (no invoices, no need for your own account number, and no surcharge).

  • USPS Metered Mail: MDDS is open Monday through Friday as an essential service and is processing mail onsite. For essential workers on campus, mail may be dropped off in person at the Strathmore Building basement lobby (directly underneath Parking Services). You may also place mail in a campus light blue mailbox, or use your normal “out box” for carrier pick up from your department mailstop. For remote workers coming to campus to drop off a prepared mailing, it is mandatory that you receive clearance to be on-campus by enrolling in the UCLA Symptom Monitoring Program. Additionally, for increased safety, UCLA Messenger Service (recharge rates) is available to pick up large mailings assembled off campus, and transport them to campus for metering. You may reach Messenger Service at [email protected].

  • USPS Stamps: As a fiscal control, stamps are governed by UCLA Policy 310 and require strict department audit controls. Stamps should only be used for extraordinary situations whereby options 1 through 3 above are not feasible. Departments may request stamps utilizing a P-39 Recharge Order Request Form (PDF). During COVID-19, UCLA Messenger Service will be utilized for delivery (on and off campus, utilizing recharge rates) in a “contactless” manner. For distant locations, stamps can be sent by USPS Priority Mail. The normal 20% surcharge on stamps applies (this funds Mail Services operations).

For all questions, please contact [email protected] for assistance.