Customer Service

Customer Service

April 18, 2013

Mail, Document & Distribution Services       

General Information               825-0374

Director                                 206-6508

Associate Director                  206-0325


Bulk Mail Services                     

Manager                               825-7953

Cylinder Management               

Supervisor                            825-1127

Document Services                   

General Information - Email

General Information - Phone     825-0374    

Finance Manager                   206-3967

Healthcare Mail Services          

Supervisor                            825-5100

Information Systems                

Manager                               206-0856

Mail Services                             

General Information Email

Manager                                  825-4972

Finance Manager                  206-5515

Billing Assistant                     825-0054

Mass Email

BruinPost Administrator

Messenger Service                    

Supervisor                            825-9825

Postage Stamp Sales                                      

Coordinator                          206-4262


Supervisor                            825-4410


Document Services Customer Support Representatives are always available for customer consultation. They can discuss job specifications, make suggestions for improving the product design or construction, help determine a realistic delivery date and assist the customer in lowering printing costs and give quotes.

UCLA’s pricing structure provides for accurate estimates on most orders when accurate specifications are given. However, the estimate may no longer be valid if the order specifications change, or if the order is submitted more than thirty days past the original estimate date. If you do not want final costs to exceed the estimate, check with the Customer Service Representative before making any changes in your order.

UCLA Document Services provides special services that include courier pickup and delivery to and from your department, large job production capabilities and mass mailing support.